By Molly Golbon

I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, Stage IV, EGFR Lung Cancer in Nov. 2013. The cancer had spread to my brain, hip, and shoulder. Numerous doctor visits in the previous months before with headaches, an inability to sneeze because it hurt and just generally not feeling well. I was tired. They took an MRI of my throat and head. They noticed a bird’s nest image in the right lung. After the biopsy came back as positive for lung cancer, I was very lost. How did I get freakin’ lung cancer?! I never had smoked, or been around anyone who smoked. There was no history of cancer in my family. I grew up by the beach all my life and breathed clean air.



I was excited when my doctor told me I would be able to take a pill called Tarceva instead of Chemotherapy. Tarceva shrunk the cancer quickly and I was feeling better even 10 days later. The tumors all shrank and some disappeared! 8 months later, the main lung tumor started to grow back. The doctor radiated it and so far it continues to be dead. 18 months on Tarceva and my Pet Scan showed cancer was back in the hip and lymph nodes. I also had 6-7 new brain mets. Since this time, I have done CyberKnife for the brain mets, Hip Radiation and added Avastin on top of the Tarceva. I am glad to still have treatment options available. I have a lot of hope for the future lung cancer therapies and maybe one day I will be able to live without a worry. In the mean time, I power ahead through treatments and procedures, all for my two little girls Madison and Dillan ages 9 and 6. They need their mother and I won’t let cancer get in the way. My body and mind will fight hard to overcome this terrible disease. Hope is everywhere.