By Terry Gillespie

Hi Everyone,

My name is Terry. I am a lung cancer survivor since diagnosis in late September 2003. I was diagnosed with stage 3b and the cancer was attached to my heart. All of the doctors that I saw (oncologist, lung, heart and other specialists) stated that it was inoperable and possibly with chemo and radiation that might change. I told the doctors that I didn’t want to know the timeline and that I was going to live my life like everyone else and die like everyone else in my sleep in my late 80’s. (However, the doctors told my husband that I might make Christmas, but definitely not my birthday in January).

My goal and hope was to get rid of this invader and move on. Hey, nobody was going to break my stride and nothing was going to keep me down!!

The last doctor I saw was the Thoracic Surgeon and he was positive that he could remove my lung and all of the cancer, even the cancer attached to my heart. I had already resolved to the chemo and radiation to get rid of the cancer so imagine my surprise when it registered that he was willing and positive that he could get rid of ALL of my cancer.

October 16, 2003 I had my entire left lung removed and yes he did remove the cancer that was attached to my heart. I went through chemo and radiation to make sure that he got it all and so far I have been NED (no evidence of disease)!

Without HOPE I am not sure I would have pursued the final doctor that was able to help me with my fight!

Without HOPE I am not sure that I would have endured the pain and suffering that followed my treatment.

I am so grateful that HOPE was not diminished for me so that I couldĀ overcome.

I was so grateful that I wanted to give back. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew there was HOPE!

There is no such thing as FALSE HOPE!!

LUNGevity and the support from other survivors provides lung cancer patients with HOPE!